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Personal Credit

Building business credit can help separate personal and business finances, which can limit the owner’s personal liability.
However, for many small businesses, the owner's personal credit can still be important. For that reason,
we've included a Smart Personal Credit section to our Smart Business Credit Package.

What's Included in the Smart Credit package?


Business Credit

For a one time fee of $19.00 you get an E-book (PDF) with 10 pages dedicated to business credit and net 30 vendors, including when and how to apply to each as well as a link to apply for the Venturelogix bank partnered virtual credit card.


Personal Credit

We've dedicated and included a few pages that will help add positive credit to any personal credit report fast in an attempt to dilute any derogatory remarks you may have. We'll also send you updated copies of the E-book as they are made available.

The Smart Way to Great Credit
Is just $19 for a limited time.

One of the most precious commodities for small business owners is time. We help small business owners by providing the information
needed to quickly and successfully establish the necessary 
credit to support core business operations.

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Business Credit

Business credit is one of the most important parts of any business. As a business owner you need to choose the suppliers that will help your business grow. 

Personal Credit

Drown out derogatory remarks by adding good credit over the bad. We'll share the knowledge you need to improve your personal credit today.

Venturelogix Bank Partnered Virtual Visa

The Venturelogix bank partnered virtual Visa allows you to pay virtually any merchant online, in-store or over the phone,
with net 30, 60 or 90 day terms reporting all payments to major business credit bureaus monthly.
Some of the factors that might give a Business a good chance of qualifying include,

Responsible party has ‘good’ or ‘better’ credit

2+ years of personal credit history
3+ accounts open and being paid on time
1 or no accounts with recent delinquency
No recent defaults

*Meeting these factors is not a guarantee of approval. These are general guidelines only and are subject to change. Terms and financing approval are subject to meeting all underwriting and account approval criteria.

Business is growing or well-established

1+ years in business
Positive annual business income
3+ open business accounts (e.g. credit card, business loan, terms account or line of credit)
Very low or no balances where payments are outstanding beyond the business's terms
Business is US-based and is in good standing within the state of the Business's registration

The Smart Way to Great Credit.

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